Kemotek Srl

Thanks to collaboration with Faurecia Srl in Terni, Kemotek has developped Kemogel, an innovative lubricant for the mandrel of bending machines. It is a non-oil lubricant made in gel which gives several advantages in comparison with both traditional oils and other similar products on the market, i.e.:

  • no smoke during the next welding stage
  • does not cause corrosion
  • Kemogel evaporates: no washing after the bending
  • it is water-based: no smells, no toxicity
  • it is not subject to ADR regulations on transport and handling

The second lubricant developped, Flexogel plus, has an higher lubricant power for bending with higher strenghts (i.e.: Radius 1D, old bending machines or machines without booster, etc.). No matter if you have BLM, Addison, Crippa, Transfluid, Schwarze-Robitec etc. It can be used also as alternative lubricant for some light mechanical sheet machining (countersink, deep-drawing). Lubricants can be applied both manually and automatically with the help of a peristaltic pump.


Schwarze-Robitec GmbH

Leader recognized for the quality and robustness of its bending machines, many of which are still in operation after 40 years. The range consists of fully electric or hydraulic bending Machines for all the applications till 420x21 mm.


Isimsan LTD

Located in Izmir (TR), Isimsan operates since 1982 and is certified by international organizations. Isimsan produces machines and plants for food and chemical industry: mixers, filters, heat exchangers, reactors, evaporators, and so on. The strengths are the excellent prices, 30-40% lower of a european competitor, and the international references which buy our machines since decades (Dr. Oetker).


Presstec GmbH

Presstec has developed a range of hydraulic presses for forging from 6.3 to 80 MN. The PRESSRESALE division is focused on trading and revamping of hydraulic and mechanical presses, manipulators, etc.. 60 years of experience in refurbishment of any press: SMS, EUMUCO, HASENCLEVER, WILKINS & MITCHEL, SCHULER, M√úLLER WEINGARTEN, AJAX, NATIONAL, ERFURT, WAGNER, IWK etc


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